Client Services

Our wide range of financial services reflects the broad and
varied expertise of the more than 400 HBK financial professionals
working together on your behalf.

Client Services



Turn your accounting information into an asset through a proactive approach that understands your financial landscape, and helps you seize opportunity while mitigating risk.



Reassure investors and lenders and comply with government rules and regulation through easy-to-understand, audited financial reporting.


Valuation, Litigation & Forensics

Rely on our experts for accurate and fully supportable opinions in the context of business valuations or highly contested litigations where testimony could be required.


Energy Advisors

Energy in the shale region is an invaluable commodity. It is incumbent upon the regions endowed with these valuable resources to understand their value and to use them wisely. HBK Energy Advisors serves as a catalyst for financial growth, valuing your energy holdings, assessing your investment options, helping you finance your holdings, or finding your port of entry to the evolving energy sector.


Corporate Finance

Selling or acquiring a business or its assets requires the strategic, financial and legal expertise of corporate finance specialists. The HBK Corporate Finance team helps you navigate these transactions.


HBKS Retirement Plan Services

HBK’s affiliated wealth management firm, HBKS Wealth Advisors, maintains a Retirement Plan Unit to work with employers to develop and maintain qualified retirement plans that accommodate today’s complex and challenging regulatory environment.


HBKS Wealth Advisors

HBKS Wealth Advisors offers a comprehensive solution to protect and grow your wealth. Your wealth management plan is specifically designed to address your unique challenges and achieve your desired objectives.

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